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Do you remember the time when you bought your Metal Decorative Items such as Brass, Copper, Silver & Stainless Steel, It would have shined so much, you could  see your own reflection. However, as time passes by the surface of the metal tarnishes due to oxidization

Indirectly, the shine of your metal reflects the  approach, care & outlook on these amazing items.

If you are visiting this page for a metal polishing solution in Malaysia, you have arrived at the right site.  

With over 30 Years experience in the metal polishing trade, we provide metal polishing workmanship for the Domestic and Commercial markets. Cleanstant Metal Polishing prides itself in maintaining its distinction for quality.

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No project is too small or large for us to fill. We deliver superior service and quality. Quality and on-time completion is our main objective & priority. 

Our Metal Polishing Services Include

Polishing | Gold Coating 


Brass | Copper | Silver | Stainless Steel & etc

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