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Metal Polishing Malaysia, Brasso
Cleanstant is a family-owned business and
founded by Mr.Balakrishnan,  & Mr.Kanishen.


As a family owned business, we cater to the metal polishing needs of our client in Malaysia as if the items are as our own. 


We take pride in our Metal Polishing , Refurbishing and other Metal Finishing Services offered as well. We only ship out the finest Metal Polishing orders only after they meet our strict criteria and shine quality. 

Personalized Approach

Cleanstant Metal Polishing has the edge & capability in providing you with efficient, cost-effective metal polishing service you need.


Our quality control department visually inspects every unit before it is packaged, providing you with both quality and value

Excellence and Professionalism

Metal Polishng Services Malaysia, Autosol, Brasso
Cleanstant Metal Polishing prides itself in maintaining its distinction for quality and cost effectiveness


We remain as an organization with a personal touch try our very best to satisfy you within our capabilities

Distinctive Results


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