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LUMI Product (1).jpg
LUMI Product (1).png

A Vessel Of

Light & Hope


An Exclusive Modern Masterpiece

LUMI is a fusion of the Indian tradition and Western elegance. The base is a Brass Kudam, a traditional brass pot used by Indians during auspicious celebrations. The lampshade is carefully pleated, a refined western design that adds texture. Together, they bring a calming balance. When we light a LUMI up, we are lighting hope for those in need.


Light Up Any Space

Brighten someone’s day, or yours, when you place a LUMI lamp at the concierge, bedside table, or countertop. LUMI can be placed anywhere. You can even use it as home décor and add a little shine to your space.

  • Home

  • Office

  • Restaurant

  • Bar

  • Concierge

  • Hotel Room

LUMI Product (3).png
LUMI Product.png

The Perfect Gift for Special Occasions

Watch them light up their faces when you give them a LUMI lamp. 


It is the perfect gift for Weddings, Housewarming parties, Corporate events, Restaurant & Bar Opening


Best of all, you are giving back to society with every purchase

LUMI Comes with Choices

For a start, LUMI comes with three color choice and we will add more variations in future.



Sunset Orange


Ivory White


Jade Green

What Makes Lumi Lamp?


​Lumi Lamp comes with

  • 2-pin plug

  • On and off switch

  • Height (Total): 19 inch 

  • Kudam Width: 9 Inch

  • Lampshade width: 12 inch

  • Total Weight: 4.4kg with Packaging

Handmade Wood

Support Base

Handmade Pleated Satin lampshade of your choice

Medium-sized Brass Kudam. Each Kudam is polished & coated before purchase

LUMI Promotional Video



LUMI Product (1).png

Corporate Responsibility

The creation of LUMI is inspired by the need to give in such trying times. Cleanstant Store pledges to donate RM20 from each purchase to SVM Home.

When you buy a LUMI, you’re lighting hope to the underprivileged, mentally challenged, and
disabled individuals at SVM Home.


1) Online Store



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2) Pre - Orders are welcome. Contact Us Directly

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