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  • Width: 1.0cm
  • Height: 1.0cm
  • Material: Brass


Perfect for Small Kamachi Velakku & Smaller Size Kuthu Velakku (Below 2ft)

The Brass Tip Small (TBT 01)

  • The Brass Tip (01) is our smallest Tip that we have for your velakku or diya lamp needs. This size is perfect for your small Kamachi Lamps, Kuthu Velakku below 2ft in height and other smaller lamps.

    The item is made of Brass and has a unique dome shape. It's perfect to protect your lamp when lighting up the cotton wick.

  • Shipping is fixed at RM6.00 for West Malaysia. For Internation Orders, please drop us an email and we will get back to you

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